About Us
Who We Are

Launched in 2007 as a pharmaceutical distribution company, a sector that aligned with its philosophy of contributing towards a better world. Our ambitious growth plans led to diversification into priority sectors and development and delivery of innovative and sustainable development projects that had a major impact on emerging economies .

PGIL investment and strategic Sectors
Renewable Energy
Infrastructure and Mining
Food and Agriculture
Technology and Solutions
  • Extensive inter disciplinary know-how
  • Competence, scale and Financial Strength
  • Project execution and Risk management
  • Qualified and professional resources

Focused on projects that create benefits for a larger number of stakeholders - from local communities to the entire nation


Symbols or pics used please use something better. Also instead of affordability use “Affordable”. And done use rupee as symbol use Dollar if u need to. Use this as a part of partnership


Projects that strengthen capacity of local developers, develop local capital markets, improve investor confidence and empower women

Risk Management

Our strategy is to be Risk-Aware, not Risk-Averse. Strategic approach that identifies and mitigates risks as early as possible.

Involved right through the entire project lifecycle and across the capital structure
Helping projects overcome financial, technical and environmental challenges
Creating investment-ready, sustainable infrastructure opportunities
Bringing competence, scale and financial backing to successfully complete every project
The Power of Partnership
  • Choosing the right partners is key to the success of any business.
  • Enhanced due diligence in identifying its professional partners.
  • Technical and Strategic Partners with global footprint and execution capabilities
  • Ensure greater operational efficiency and better risk management.
  • Measured and tracked performance
  • Key criteria and strategy for Patnerships:
    • Scale
    • Affordable
    • Transformation
    • Risk Management
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